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A children's program about the truth of Christmas
By: Gail Gaymer MartinADD TO WISH LIST
Script Perusal: $3.99  more info
Play Package: $29.99  more info
   (10 Scripts, Photocopy Rights, and Performance Rights)
Performance Renewal: $15.00  more info
Video Rights: $5.00
Running Time: 20-25 minutes
Speaking Cast: 1 female, 2 males, 9 either, 12 total cast
Flexibility: 1-50 extras, gender flexible
Age range: kids, teens, adults
Bible verses: Luke 2:1-20, John 10:11, Matthew 2:1-12, John 8:12
For years, children have written letters to Santa with their hoped-for presents. Now Santa has something to say to them! To kids obsessed with Xboxes and Wiis, Santa gives his own symbolic gifts with accompanying letters of explanation. The gifts include: 1. Key—Jesus was homeless most of his life/belief in him is key. 2. Lamb—Shepherds heard the good news of his birth/Jesus is the Good Shepherd. 3. Angel—They proclaimed Jesus as the Savior. 4. Star—Guided the wise men/Jesus is the way to heaven. 5. Candle—Jesus is the light of the world. Virtually no memorization—the children read Santa's letters aloud. Santa reveals his roots as Nicholas, saint to the poor, and the children sing a closing song, "The True Christmas." Includes an Advent activity of a poster and/or small memento cards to give to the audience.
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A children’s program about the truth of Christmas

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