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New Titles
Christmas Plays and Musicals 
Easter & Lent Plays 
Advent Sunday Series 
Christmas & Advent Plays 
Lenten Sunday Series 
Choral Music 
Monologues & Readers Theatre 
Women, Mother-Daughter 
Cricket County Plays 
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By: Amy Grant, Wes King, Michael W. Smith, Arranger: Heather Sorenson
This splendid anthem from Michael W. Smith's Christmas album has all the makings of a holiday classic, capturing the deep emotion felt on the journey to Bethlehem. Smartly arranged for choir, the expressive melody and meaningful text are beautifully joined to create a truly memorable moment in any concert or worship service.
By: Thomas Campbell, Arranger: Keith Christopher, Author: Charles Wesley
Here is a brilliant hymn arrangement for choir and congregation filled with exciting vocal writing and a unique piano and organ accompaniment. Combining instruments and voices creates exciting timbres and layers of sound. Celebrate God's grace and mercy with this powerful and inspirational text. A classic! SATB W/ PIANO/ORGAN DUET.
By: Brad Nix, Author: Joseph M. Martin
Falling like a gentle snow, this tender anthem is a beautiful invitation to Christmas. The piano accompaniment lends a delicate and almost fragile adornment to a memorable theme. The text reminds us that God spoke into our shadows, silence and emptiness, and through Jesus, brought us the gifts of light, song and love. The ending completes the transformation as...  read more
By: Arranger: John Leavitt
This festive 4-minute medley combines three favorites into an easily learned celebration of carols. Opening with a joyful “Deck the Hall,” it moves into a spirited “Joy to the World,” before the exuberant concluding song “Angels We Have Heard on High.” Perform with piano alone or the sparkling full orchestration for a Merry Christmas, indeed, for choirs in...  read more
By: Arranger: John Purifoy, Author: Roger Thornhill
This joyful Christmas acclamation is a festive flourish based on the famed VESPER HYMN. The essence of the melodic gesture is a carillon-like theme that invites joy and celebration. A contrasting middle section in 12/8 is a creative moment, giving the pianist a moment to shine.
We Believe in One God
By: John Purifoy, Author: Ragan Courtney
One of the great statements of the Christian church, the Nicene Creed, has been artfully adapted and set to glorious song. The words that are so often corporately recited are now slowed and given deeper expressive potential. The anthem unfolds organically, following the contour of the text with exquisite sensitivity. Explore and discover new meaning in these...  read more
A One-Act Christmas Comedy
By: Eddie McPherson
(Duration: 45 minutes; Speaking Cast: 6-7 females, 7-8 males, 1-6 either, 14-21 total cast)
It’s an extreme down-home makeover for the country cousins’ humble cabin this Christmas! In an ostentatious gift-giving display, the city cousins contact a fancy-schmancy interior decorator from TV to swoop in and spiff things up. Generous? Kind? Of course not. The city slickers have some tricks up their well-tailored sleeves! Having read a mysterious letter...  read more
A Maundy Thursday Drama
By: Bradley N. Hill
(Duration: 45 minutes; Speaking Cast: 11 females, 10 males, 21 total cast)
Many of those who knew Jesus or attended his crucifixion the day before now gather to commiserate in their grief. They return to the same upper room where the Last Supper took place to reflect and remember. A mix of monologues and dialogues illustrate who Jesus was, the present reality post-Crucifixion, and what might happen in the unknown future. Several of...  read more
The Apostle John Versus the Human Condition
By: Janis E. Saarela
(Duration: 45 minutes; Speaking Cast: 5 females, 8 males, 4 either, 17 total cast)
A know-it-all narrator and the Apostle John duel over the retelling of the Christmas story. John is exasperated over the Narrator’s seemingly trivial details. But Bethlehem is, quite frankly, bonkers! Arrogant Pharisees, the original odd couple (a grouch and his milquetoast wife), a colorful (but dishonest) junk dealer, a boss who blocks the windows to keep his...  read more
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