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Banner Kits
Theme: Tenebrae
By: Michelle Zapel
Banner Kit. Though the visual theme of this banner is the candle of Tenebrae, it may be used as a beautiful hanging year-round. The strong contrast of dark and light give great impact to this colorful banner. The candle is white with a gold/orange flame. This symbol of Christ is against the deep purple background. The words are in blue and gold. This...  read more
Theme: Triumphal entry into Jerusalem
By: Peter Secker
Banner Kit. This kit is especially appropriate as a Palm Sunday decoration. It may be carried in a processional on Palm Sunday or used as a decorative hanging throughout the rest of the church year. This design kit provides all of the required patterns. Performance rights granted with Banner Kit purchase. No Fabrics Included.

Banner...  read more

Theme: Christ, the Eternal
By: Michelle Zapel
Banner Kit "I am the way: I am truth and I am life." - John 14:6. A colorful banner celebrating the presence of Christ, the Savior. The total emphasis of this banner kit is on the construction of the banner itself. It may be used as a visual part of a worship service. Included are full-size pattern components, a color photo of the complete banner and a...  read more
Theme: Joy the to world, the Lord is come!
By: Peter Secker
Banner Kit. Here's a bright and joyful banner that repeats the sounding joy again and again, visually. A large and colorfully designed banner that may be used in may ways during the Christmas season. It may be carried in a procession, used as a decorative backdrop or hung from the ceiling in the church sanctuary, parish hall, corridor or in an assembly...  read more
A banner with readings about the church year for children
By: Anna L. Liechty, Phyllis Wezeman
(Duration: 3-15 minutes)
Banner Kit Includes Liturgy. The colors, the symbols, the emphasis ... there's so much for young minds to grasp about the various seasons of the church calendar year. This resource clears up misunderstandings by presenting the information in a simply stated yet fun manner. Each week a call to worship, a round of "The Church Year Song," an appropriate...  read more
A banner with readings to explain the parts of a worship service
By: Anna Leichty, Phyllis Wezeman
(Duration: 2-25 minutes)
Banner Kit Includes Liturgy. Many traditional elements of a worship service that are meaningful to adults are too often misunderstood by children. This valuable resource pairs readings to identify and explain words relating to the parts of a worship service with banner symbols for visual reinforcement. The twelve words with symbols are: 1. Worship, 2...  read more
A visual portrayal and liturgy for Advent
By: Gordon C. Bennett, Sharonn Davis Halderman
(Duration: 5-15 minutes)
Banner Kit Includes Liturgy. A visual portrayal and liturgy of Advent. This banner program provides a seven-part sequence presentation for the four Sundays of Advent, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Epiphany Sunday. Use as a brief supplement to your planned worship services. A graphic symbol representing an event is added to the banner each week while a...  read more
A collection of readings for the Advent wreath
By: Galen R. Hackman
(Duration: 5 scenes, 2-3 minutes per scene; Speaking Cast: 2 either, 2-10 total cast; 
     Flexibility: gender flexible)
Script Includes Banner Pattern. Angels are big now! Curiosity about these celestial beings has reached an all-time high. Your congregation will listen intently to these short readings for Advent candlelighting featuring the angels that appeared to Zechariah, Mary, Joseph and the shepherds. Only two persons are needed to give these weekly presentations:...  read more
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Each script is personalized with your organization name and if applicable, performance details,
so it is very important to enter your organization's full and proper name without abbreviations.
If you are placing a personal order, please retype your full first and last name in the Organization field.