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Christmas Plays and Musicals
 Running Time 
Cast Size
Total cast:
A musical version of our best-selling Christmas play
By: Roland A. Caire Jr., Christy S. Long, Rachel Olson
(Duration: 30 minutes; Speaking Cast: 1 female, 6 males, 14 either, 21 total cast; 
     Flexibility: 1-30 extras, gender flexible)
The same delightful Nativity drama using the rhyme structure of Clement Moore's classic poem is the basis for this musical version of 'Twas the Night Before. We didn't tinker with the basic story line of the play version, which was enthusiastically received by so many of you – we just enhanced it with instantly memorable new songs that build on the...  read more
A pageant/story for many children
By: Rachel Olson
(Duration: 45-60 minutes; Speaking Cast: 1 female, 7 males, 8-16 either, 16-24 total cast; 
     Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible)
"'Twas the night before Christ's birth and far above earth/The angels prepared to announce Jesus' birth." Two readers hold an oversized storybook and present a rhyming narrative of the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. A large cast of shepherds, angels, townspeople and others contribute singing and brief dialogue. Based on the beloved poem 'Twas the...  read more
A Musical Comedy for Christmas
By: Jerry Boswell, Tim Rowe
(Duration: 45-60 minutes; Speaking Cast: 2 females, 3 males, 12 either, 17 total cast; 
     Flexibility: 1-20 extras, gender flexible)
Superb dinner theatre musical or a fundraising special. The Inniscap family of Ma, Pa, Dick and Jane is all abuzz with pre-Christmas merriment when a hip delivery dude delivers a sad telegram—Santa has been delayed somewhere in Timbuktu. Although the kids are disappointed, they realize that Christmas is really about the birth of the Christ child. Not to worry...  read more
A visual portrayal and liturgy for Advent
By: Gordon C. Bennett, Sharonn Davis Halderman
(Duration: 5-15 minutes)
Banner Kit Includes Liturgy. A visual portrayal and liturgy of Advent. This banner program provides a seven-part sequence presentation for the four Sundays of Advent, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Epiphany Sunday. Use as a brief supplement to your planned worship services. A graphic symbol representing an event is added to the banner each week while a...  read more
A pre-Christmas children's program
By: Jan T. Brown
(Duration: 30-40 minutes; Speaking Cast: 1 female, 4 males, 6-33 either, 11-38 total cast; 
     Flexibility: 1-25 extras, doubling possible, gender flexible)
All the children in your Sunday school—from nursery through sixth grade or up—may be included in this easy-to-present program featuring symbols of the Advent season. The symbol ornaments hang on a large Advent calendar banner when the program begins. A fourth- through sixth-grade reader explains the meaning behind each of the 24 symbols as a preschool child...  read more
A Christmas fantasy for the children's choir
By: Bryan Caron
(Duration: 30 minutes; Speaking Cast: 4 females, 4 males, 8 either, 16 total cast; 
     Flexibility: 1-30 extras, gender flexible)
Lewis Carroll meets Christmas carol in this showcase for your children’s choir. It features a wonderful contrast of whimsical stage action with beloved Christmas songs that support the plot. You’ll recognize several of the wonderfully quirky characters from the classic story of Alice in Wonderland. In this new twist, Alice is obsessed with presents! Her...  read more
A Christmas PowerPoint Program
By: Christine Ferguson
(Duration: 20 minutes; Speaking Cast: 1 female, 2 males, 5 either, 8 total cast)
Lights, camera, action! Kiss stage fright good-bye with this virtually rehearsal-free program. These scenes feature slices of Christmas Americana through the years: the late 1600s, the 1800s, the 1950s, and now—Puritans to the present day. The audience will learn more about our country's traditions and customs—where they come from and how they relate to Jesus'...  read more
A contemporary play for the Christmas season
By: Phil Gilbreath, Steve C. Markovich
(Duration: 20-25 minutes; Speaking Cast: 4 females, 7 males, 3-7 either, 14-18 total cast)
This poignant play tugs at your heartstrings and doesn't let go. The cake is baked. The decorations are in place. In the midst of this festive setting, a boy (representing Christ) excitedly waits for the guests to arrive at his birthday party. However, everyone is too busy to come. Just when he begins to despair that no one has remembered the importance of his...  read more
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so it is very important to enter your organization's full and proper name without abbreviations.
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