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Easter Monologues
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Bible Book
Biblical monologues with Lenten candles
By: Bradley N. Hill
(Duration: 8 scenes, 2-3 minutes per scene; Speaking Cast: 1 female, 3 males, 4-17 total cast)
Characters walk from the pages of Scripture into your sanctuary to express how their lives overlapped and intertwined with Jesus in the wake of his impending crucifixion. Their feelings range from skepticism to grief, but all were deeply affected by the man Jesus and his ministry. Each character extinguishes one candle every week to symbolize a growing darkness...  read more
Classic Easter paintings come to life
By: Debi Olsthoorn
(Duration: 20 minutes; Speaking Cast: 3 females, 3 males, 6 total cast)
When two of the arts join together – in this case, visual art and theatre – it’s a sensory delight! An insurance agent visits an art museum after hours. As she assesses various paintings, they come to life, giving insight on different facets of the Easter story. The audience first sees the projected artwork, then on cue the lighting changes to reveal actors...  read more
By: Steven Cross
(Duration: 12 scenes, 2-3 minutes per scene; Speaking Cast: 1 female, 1 male, 2-12 total cast; 
     Flexibility: 1-6 extras, doubling possible)
Eyewitnesses, a collection of monologues, presents the passion of Christ from twelve different perspectives. These monologues, which may be used as individual pieces or as part of an entire production, begin with Jesus the night of his betrayal and end years later with John, an exile waiting for a final revelation. Each monologue reveals the impact Jesus had on...  read more
Lenten monologs from Mary's heart, plus a Tenebrae service
By: Lia M. Goens
(Duration: 8 scenes, 5 minutes per scene; Speaking Cast: 2 females, 1 male, 1 either, 4-11 total cast)
The years have changed Mary from an innocent teenager at Gabriel's visit to a mature woman of faith at the end of her son's life. Through poignant journal entries, she reveals both her motherly love and her trepidation as her son embarks on a ministry that will change the world. Then Jesus is seized. She wants to protect him, yet she is helpless to intercede as...  read more
Short monologs for Holy Week and Easter inspired by hymns
By: Susan Lyttek
(Duration: 40 scenes, 5 minutes per scene; Speaking Cast: 1 female, 1 male, 2-40 total cast; 
     Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible)
The lyrics to our most beloved Easter season songs were the creative inspiration for this collection of monologues that dramatizes familiar hymns by telling stories that parallel the meanings of the songs. Some of the characters are from the past (Mary Magdalene, Peter and Joseph of Arimathea) and some are from the present (a Choir Member, a College Student and...  read more
A script for Maundy Thursday
By: Carol Feickert
(Duration: 20 minutes; Speaking Cast: 2 females, 3 males, 5 total cast)
This is one-stop planning for Maundy Thursday. Everything is here for a complete evening’s program, including suggestions for a simple meal, a musical number, a drama, Communion, and a solo – or the drama may stand alone. It features five characters: the Centurion; Mary, the Mother; Joseph of Arimathea; Mary, the Sister; and John. They reflect on the hollow...  read more
Voices in the shadow of the cross
By: Rochelle M. Pennington
(Duration: 6 scenes, 10-12 minutes per scene; Speaking Cast: 1 female, 2 males, 3-24 total cast)
This Lenten series features two monologs each week with related readings from Scripture. The author deftly weaves biblical research with gripping emotive power as twelve characters come alive from the pages of the New Testament with passionate confessions: Pilate's anguish over his political manipulation in sentencing Jesus to death, Barabbas' confusion over...  read more
A youth sunrise service
By: Beth Troop
(Duration: 25 minutes; Speaking Cast: 5 females, 3 males, 1 either, 9 total cast; 
     Flexibility: gender flexible)
From the stable to the cross, Jesus had a varied but undeniable impact on those he encountered. Mary knew him as her son. He taught Peter to fish for people. He exposed rich Matthew’s poverty. To the Woman at the Well, he was the giver of living water. To the Woman with the Hemorrhage, the Great Physician. One of the 5,000 knew him as his Provider. He was the...  read more
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Each script is personalized with your organization name and if applicable, performance details,
so it is very important to enter your organization's full and proper name without abbreviations.
If you are placing a personal order, please retype your full first and last name in the Organization field.