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Puppet, Clown, Mime
 Running Time 
Cast Size
Total cast:
Christian values puppet plays for one performer and no scenery.
By: Jeff Morrow
(Duration: 7 scenes, 5 minutes per scene; Speaking Cast: 1 either, 1-17 total cast; 
     Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible)
These plays require only one performer with a sock puppet on each hand. He/she talks with Bugby and Candle and they talk back—a charming three-way conversation. Beautiful ideas simply presented. All seven of the short plays offer the message of God’s love through Jesus.
A packet of clown routines for easy performance
By: Marty Sherman, Richard Strelak
(Duration: 20 scenes, 5 minutes per scene; Speaking Cast: 1 either, 1-50 total cast; 
     Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible)
A production-tested repertoire of sure-fire clown skits. Five different style of sketches are included - classic, gags, dumb magic, tricks, caught-in-the-act and skits with props. The packet includes twenty skits with prop diagrams and a section on "How to Write Your Own Clown Skits."
A through-the-year collection of clown skits
By: David R. Suhs, Irvin R. Dohner, William Hanson, Frances Townsend, Marion S. Blackshear
(Duration: 5-45 minutes; Speaking Cast: 2-9 either, 2-9 total cast; 
     Flexibility: gender flexible)
A troupe of clowns may entertain and minister to your congregation all year 'round with these pantomimed skits. Titles and themes include: 1. Somebody's Heart (self-esteem), 2. The Flock by Night (Christmas), 3. Together We Rise (hunger), 4. Once Upon a Tithe (stewardship), 5. The Lost Sheep (outreach), 6. A Time to Grieve and a Time to Dance (grief), and...  read more
A clown play for child audiences
By: James Brock
(Duration: 20-30 minutes; Speaking Cast: 12 either, 12 total cast; 
     Flexibility: gender flexible)
Each clown does his stunt, for which he is given his name: Lean & Look, Mr. Quiet, Mr. Honker, Miss Wiggle Waggle, Mr. Big, Mr. Little, The Doctor, The Patient, Run, Stumble and Fall! There's a lot of laughter with every skit until a strange clown with no name wants to join them. They vote him out until he sings a Christmas song so beautifully that everyone is...  read more
Ten skits on the life and teachings of Jesus
By: Mark D. Stucky
(Duration: 10 scenes, 3-4 minutes per scene; Speaking Cast: 1 either, 1-8 total cast; 
     Flexibility: 3-30 extras, doubling possible, gender flexible)
The four New Testament books of the Gospel, which contain the very essence of our faith beliefs, are rich with stories and events that lend themselves to dramatization. Skits are included on the Beatitudes and several of Jesus' parables, plus special presentations for Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter. Includes: Happy Birthday, Jesus!, The Blessings, The...  read more
Ready-to-perform clown skits
By: Clarice Moon
(Duration: 20 scenes, 5 minutes per scene; Speaking Cast: 5 either, 5-50 total cast; 
     Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible)
Skits for clowns to perform! This is a packet of skits right from the repertoire of a real clown, "Bubbles." Twenty short action skits with how-to-do-it instructions. Clowning is sideline action — excellent for bazaars, picnics or any kind of special event. Some of the skits included are:

1. At the Greasy Spoon

2. At the Head Shrinker

3. Unemployment...  read more

Seven scripts for puppet ministry
By: Jeff Morrow
(Duration: 4-5 minutes; Speaking Cast: 1-19 either, 1-19 total cast; 
     Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible)
The lovable Bugby and Candle are back with seven more episodes to delight children. These capricious sock puppets' fresh, chatty dialog teaches Christian value lessons with humor and warmth. Includes: 1. Pretty Darn Mad, 2. The Chicken or the Egg?, 3. God's Nose, 4. Big Plans, 5. Scary Stuff and Gravity, 6. Rich and Famous Sports Guys, and 7.Just the...  read more
Five more of Jesus’ most popular story lessons
By: Jeanne S. Fogle
(Duration: 5 scenes, 4-5 minutes per scene; Speaking Cast: 2 females, 2 males, 5 either, 9-23 total cast; 
     Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible)
By popular demand, here are five more parables for puppet performance or for use as teaching tools for Sunday school classes. Included are: 1. The Mustard Seed, 2. The Unforgiving Servant, 3. The Lost Coin, 4. The Great Banquet Feast and 5. The Laborers in the Vineyard. Adaptable to almost any puppets.
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Each script is personalized with your organization name and if applicable, performance details,
so it is very important to enter your organization's full and proper name without abbreviations.
If you are placing a personal order, please retype your full first and last name in the Organization field.