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Cast Size
Total cast:
Bible Book
By: Richard Gremel
(Duration: 45 minutes; Speaking Cast: 6 females, 4 males, 2 either, 12 total cast; 
     Flexibility: 1-10 extras, doubling possible, gender flexible)
The Old West, a time when cattle roamed free, Cowboys walk the streets, and Outlaws lurked in every corner. But not to fear when you have, Deputy Jan... right? Unfortunately, Deputy Jan is a coward and lets all the outlaws escape. But, when the Sheriff tells Jan she needs to catch the next outlaws, or else, it is up to her to save the day. Jan sets out to...  read more
By: Donald Payton
(Duration: 90-120 minutes; Speaking Cast: 6 females, 7 males, 13 total cast)
It all started when Ambrose Groves and Bert Miller, a couple of would-be vaudeville comedians, were crossing the desert headin' California way and got booted off the train because someone stole their tickets and all of their money. After trudging across the desert for a couple of days, they blow into Dead Man's Gulch, the wildest, woolliest, roughest spot in...  read more
By: Matthew Carlin
(Duration: 90 minutes; Speaking Cast: 3 females, 6 males, 9 total cast)
Witty and extremely funny with a message that will touch every heart - that is the domain of The Education of Angels and the formula that will endear this play to audiences for years to come.

Two unlikely characters, Nick and Jenna, are thrown together in this hilarious tale of two angels in training sent back to earth to help Dave, who is...
 read more
By: Le Roma Greth
(Duration: 90 minutes; Speaking Cast: 9 females, 6 males, 1 either, 16 total cast; 
     Flexibility: 5-10 extras)
This hillbilly play is rich in Ozark Mountain humor. The story revolves around the Popoff and Fry families who have been feuding for years because one of the Popoff boys said he was going out to shoot an old skunk one day and accidentally shot Paw Fry instead. Then Rosie Belle Fry takes the only unattached male in the hills from under her sister Emmy's nose...  read more
By: Le Roma Greth
(Duration: 75 minutes; Speaking Cast: 8 females, 4 males, 12 total cast; 
     Flexibility: 2 extras)
Travel to Polecat County with the smug Mrs. Lucius Q. Snodgrass and her distinguished assistant, William Bishop III. They want to bring culture to Polecat County in the form of a library. With the exception of Widow Kendall and her family, the townsfolk don't want a library, they want a recreation hall. Mrs. Snodgrass announces to the community that it will...  read more
By: Donald Payton
(Duration: 90 minutes; Speaking Cast: 7 females, 8 males, 15 total cast)
Hercules Nelson's aunt and uncle invite Hercules and his best friend, Lucas, to spend the weekend with them. With suitcases in hand, the boys arrive at Uncle Bob's to discover that Uncle Bob is a mortician and there's a funeral scheduled Monday. Well, it's not long before things start happening in ways that would put most brave men to flight. For one thing...  read more
By: Craig Sodaro
(Duration: 90 minutes; Speaking Cast: 16 females, 7 males, 23 total cast; 
     Flexibility: gender flexible)
When heiress Loweena Nordstrom starts smothering boyfriend Norman Crankfield with a little too much “heir,” the young salesman hops a train headed west for a breath of fresh air and a change of pace. It's 1925 and mobsters crop up everywhere, even on the train. Norman suddenly finds himself the sole witness to a mobster murder and to save his neck, jumps off...  read more
By: Dan Neidermyer
(Duration: 55 minutes; Speaking Cast: 11 females, 8 males, 19 total cast)
Hatchet Holler's so far back in the hills nobody knows it's there ‘cept the Rooter and the Huyett clans. They've treed ‘coons in Hatchet Holler since Daniel Boone first explored these parts. ‘Nd that's been a long, long, time. They've lived there without so much as one person ever knowin' about ‘em . . . until late last night! While hiding in the weeds with...  read more
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