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Women, Mother-Daughter
 Running Time 
Cast Size
Total cast:
Mother-Daughter Scenes
By: Dawn E. Conroy
(Duration: 16 minutes; Speaking Cast: 3 females, 3 total cast)
A shopper in search of a new look visits a boutique. She wants her personal style to reflect her Christianity. A zealous clerk working on commission comes on strong and doesn't let go! She suggests earrings for hearing the word of God, bracelets for making a joyful noise, an ankle bracelet for walking with Jesus, a watch for making time to serve the Lord, a...  read more
Six monologues of New Testament women
By: Audrey Surma
(Duration: 6 scenes, 5 minutes per scene; Speaking Cast: 1 female, 1-6 total cast)
These New Testament women tell warm and human stories that women of today can easily relate to, from the priority of tiresome household chores (Martha), to encountering the business world (Lydia and Priscilla). Each woman's "ordinary" life is transformed by the renewal of knowing Jesus. Includes: 1. Martha of Bethany; 2. Abigail and the Widow's Mite;...  read more
A fresh look at five biblical women
By: Kathy Frady
(Duration: 5 scenes, 3-5 minutes per scene; Speaking Cast: 1 female, 4 males, 5-11 total cast; 
     Flexibility: 1 extra, doubling possible, gender flexible)
Hilarious fun in these sketches of biblical women. The women in the audience will recognize themselves in these decidedly 21st century situations! Included are: 1. Proverba— A busy wife and mother realizes that whether it’s shopping, scheduling her family’s events or cooking dinner, there is a better way. 2. The Poor Widow— While a wealthy...  read more
A comic monolog program for women's ministry
By: Kathy Frady
(Duration: 20 minutes; Speaking Cast: 8 females, 8 total cast)
Hang on - it's a wild ride with the irrepressible Church Ladies! Each one has her own quirks, yet they're all part of the same zany sisterhood. Foyer Box Betty has a collection compulsion. Mrs. Myra teaches the old ladies' Sunday school class. Take-Charge Tess is a power-hungry leader wannabe. Hapless Hannah destroys everything she touches in her zeal to be of...  read more
More comic monologues for women's ministry
By: Kathy Frady
(Duration: 20 minutes; Speaking Cast: 8 females, 8 total cast)
Kick the fun up a notch at your next women's ministry event with visits from the Church Ladies! These gals are real spark plugs – the attitudes, the habits, the sublime to the ridiculous. New characters dropping by for a chat are Matchmaker Marge who volunteers with the singles ministry, Fasting Fran, whose "fast" could induce a diabetic coma and Penny Pastor’s...  read more
A mini-spectacular for mother-daughter banquets
By: Bartie Jones
(Duration: 30 minutes; Speaking Cast: 1 either, 1 total cast; 
     Flexibility: 14 extras, gender flexible)
Choices are at the heart of these women’s lives, who graced the pages of Scripture. They open up about mothering their children, careers, their in-law relationships, infertility, sibling rivalry....surprisingly relatable situations to today! No rose-colored glasses here—both their triumphs and failures are addressed in short monologues to fit within a service or...  read more
A sketch for a mother-daughter banquet or tea
By: Rhonda Wray
(Duration: 15 minutes; Speaking Cast: 2-4 females, 2-4 total cast)
Women wear a lot of hats these days! Mother, wife, employee, sister, grandmother and so many more! This short sketch illustrates just how with a variety of hats – a police cap for mediating disputes between children, a cowboy hat for riding the workforce range, a crown signifying "queen of the castle" and more, including a vintage hat, mortarboard, jester's hat...  read more
A christmas play with an all-female cast
By: Peggy A. Ford
(Duration: 25 minutes; Speaking Cast: 6 females, 1 male, 7 total cast)
The rumors are flying fast and furious around Nazareth about teenage Mary. Has she put on a little weight? She can't be pregnant! And what about those wild claims of an angel's visit? Surely she's making up stories! And her family? They think Mary's baby will be the Savior of the world. Talk about dysfunctional! The murmurings in the marketplace—like a game of...  read more
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